Kuulaa Power bank 5000mah KL-YD42-L1 For I-Phones - Black

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  • Quick Charging Tech:Mini power bank for iphone.It's USB C input support QC 2.0/ 3.0,FCP,AFC etc fast charging protocol.Fully recharged only taking 1.5 hours.
  • Small Size:Mini size portable chager.Put in your pocket,bag or handbag easily,saving your bag spacing.
  • Built-in Lightning:Charging your phones by this mini power bank, there is no need to carry any other extra cables.
  • Unique Design:It is cute in shape and color.The input is a Type-C port and it has LED Desplay that show you how much power you have left.
Multiple Safety Feature

Safety First

MultiProtect technology comes with advanced safety features like temperature control, and more to let you charge with zero worries.


Mini Quick Charge Power Bank

Support L+C port dual output

Product weight: 98 g

Product size: 8.1 * 5.0 * 2.8 cm

Capacity: 5000 mAh

Battery type: Lithium polymer battery


Tips for iPhone Case

please make sure that the case is not fully covered one, leave some blank space around the charging slot.


Charging Cordless

Charging your phones by this mini USB C power bank, there is no need to carry any other extra cables.

663200147A-6663200147A-7663200147A-8Mini Power bank


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