Belkin Surgestrip Surge Protector 6 Sockets 1M Cable

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  • Get access to power with ease using the Belkin E-Series 6-Socket SurgeStrip Extension Cord
  • The SurgeStrip™ extension keeps entry-level computers and other peripheral devices protected against power surges, spikes, and lightning strikes
  • This extension cord is built with six protected AC sockets
  • It comes in a white, hard-plastic casing guaranteed to complement most gaming and entertainment set-ups
  • Note: Components inside surge protectors absorb over-voltage spikes to protect the connected devices, leading to wear. Replace them every 3 years or immediately after any over-voltage spike occurrences such as thunderstorms or power outages.
  • It is recommended to periodically check the enclosure and cable for signs of wear or heat distress. Replace it with a new one at the end of its useful life.