Yesido Windshield Holder C108

السعر بعد الخصمDhs. 25.00
وحدة إدارة المخزون: 6971050264053

ADJUSTABLE TELESCOPIC MAGNETIC MOUNT ARM. Made of Aluminum Alloy, you can stretch the THREE-SECTION magnetic clamp or mount arm to up to 17 cm in length from its original 10-cm long form.

360 DEGREE UNIVERSAL ROTATION BALL. Adjust the mount to your most desired, convenient and comfortable angle and length hand position. You can swing or position its magnetic mount arm to an angle of up to 220 degrees, adding more flexibility and versatility in its usage or purpose.

SIX (6) STRONG NEODYMIUM N50 MAGNETS. You can always be sure that your mobile phone is STABLE and FIRMLY FIXED onto the magnetic mount even on a bumpy ride.

ULTRA-STRONG SUCTION CUP with Nano PU Glue. Extremely strong absorption or suction capability of the suction cup can withstand or hold a maximum load of up to five (5) kilograms. You can place or fix it in any flat and even surface like your car's dashboard or center console or windshield. It can also be used for any application in your home or office, as long as the contact surface is flat and even. You can also wash, re-use and/or re-position the magnetic mount.