MI Xiaomi Soundbar - White

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Xiaomi has a wide variety of products with a great quality / price ratio. An example of this is the Xiaomi Mi TV Soundbar , a sound bar that takes the three «b», becoming a success for those who seek to improve the sound of their television .

And it is because of its price, the Xiaomi Mi TV Soundbar takes the cake as the best option to consider , even more so when we discover each of its characteristics, turning out to be a very complete sound bar.

Xiaomi Mi TV Soundbar, great sound experience with an exquisite finish

The Xiaomi Mi TV Soundbar soundbar has a minimalist and quite elegant design in white finishes . Its body is designed with ABS materials , and it has a gray fabric coating on its front that gives it a distinctive style.

The new Xiaomi soundbar

In detail, the Xiaomi Mi TV Soundbar has dimensions of 830 x 72 x 86 millimeters , a weight of 1,925 grams, a power of 28W, a Bluetooth connection and, most importantly, 8 speakers to distribute an enveloping and clear sound .

Buena, bonita y barata: así es esta barra de sonido de Xiaomi. Noticias Xiaomi A In addition, the new Xiaomi Mi TV Soundbar has a rubber support at the bottom to prevent vibrations from deteriorating the sound quality of the main speakers . Likewise, the device also includes two rubber plugs, and a pair of screws, to fix the device to the wall quickly and easily.

On the other hand, at the top we can find physical buttons to select the type of audio input of your choice. These are: Bluetooth ; To link the soundbar with your mobile device, a 3.5mm jack output port , an optical port output, a SPDIF port , and a pair of RCA ports .

Buena, bonita y barata: así es esta barra de sonido de Xiaomi. Noticias Xiaomi A

Even so, we cannot deny that it has a negative point that perhaps for some will not be significant, but that from our side we had an obligation to tell you. And is that the Xiaomi Mi TV Soundbar does not have a remote control . Therefore, to turn it on or adjust the volume, we must do it manually.

Where to buy the Xiaomi Mi TV Soundbar soundbar

If the characteristics of the Xiaomi Mi TV Soundbar have convinced you, you can currently buy it for just over 50 euros in AliExpress , both in its white and black variant. It is also in Banggood with shipping from Europe.

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