Tokit Ultra - Thin Induction Cooker

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[1] The thinnest part of the body of the ultra-thin light color induction cooker is 16mm, and the thickest part is 23mm.

[2] The thickness of the body is calculated at 16mm. Compared with
TOKIT's past traditional induction cooker with a body thickness of
55mm, the thickness of the TOKIT ultra-thin light color induction cooker is reduced by nearly 70%.

[3] It means that a salmon is cooked in 4 minutes when the ultra-thin from one color induction cooker is fully preheated. The data comes Pure Rice Lab. olesale

Many peopels use an induction cooker for their three meals a day, but you have never thought about why the induction cooker you use is so thick. Perhaps everyone will say that because of the heat dissipation and internal coils, you need to reserve a larger space, but you never met I thought the same way before I came to the TOKIT ultra-thin induction cooker, but after using the TOKIT ultra-thin induction cooker, I think the induction cooker is very light and thin. Today we will talk about the TOKIT ultra-thin induction cooker I bought.

This induction cooker comes in three colors: grapefruit red, avocado green, and konjac gray. Since I used a black induction cooker before, I plan to change to a different color. Finally, after thinking about it, I choose avocado green. Green represents health and is larger than the market. Most induction cookers are indeed relatively rare in green. I have to say that in terms of matching, this induction cooker fully considers the saturation of black on the market, so black is especially avoided. However, from the perspective of cleaning, it is only necessary to regularly wipe even the green I chose. Will last as long as new.