Play calculate shelf 3Y+

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A timeless counting frame and fun based learning product that is ideal for younger children. This educational tool is designed to enrich your child's learning in a way that's as engaging as playtime itself. It is a very practical teaching tool.

It is an early counting tool for kids that can make your child love and enjoy mathematics!

Learn Mathematics With Abacus Educational 1+1 Calculation Shelf For Kids is a very corlorful, engaging, fun, and effective tool for teaching math skills, such as counting, addition, subtraction, etc. Also helps your child with patterning, and color recognition.

Counting and moving the beads on this "Learn Mathematics With Abacus Educational 1+1 Calculation Shelf For Kids" helps develop your child's visual and tactile relationship with numbers and understanding of early math concepts, but to a child, sliding, sorting and counting on this Colorful Calculation shelf For Kids, just feels like fun!

As you already know, kids learn by using their senses. They explore and learn by touching objects, and seeing the colorful, fascinating wonder all around them. Learn Mathematics With Abacus Educational 1+1 Calculation Shelf For Kids was designed to give them a head start in Maths - Seeing the bright colours, keeps them attracted, therefore making it easy for them to enjoy learning using the tool.

Learn Mathematics With Abacus Educational 1+1 Calculation Shelf For Kids has 10 rows of beads in vivid colors. The beads slide back and forth smoothly, so it is very easy to use, even when moved by toddlers little clumsy fingers. Comes with a strong based supports for standing. Made from high quality wood. It come in a size that is large enough to count and small enough, to not be obnoxious to store. Lightweight and easy to carry out.

Counting Play
Color Distinguishing Play
Addition Play
Subtraction Play

Skill Development:     
Mathematics Skills - Numbers & Problem Solving.

Great for both home and school use.
Suitable for children ages 3+. Great as a Collectable & toy gift.

Fabric composition:

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Baybee Abacus 1+1 Calculation Shelf. This Calculation Shelf is a visual way of teaching maths calculations to your kids.This product can. This toy may help your child effectively enhance their hands and eye coordination ability.Abacus is a tried and tested technique that has been used over generations to get kids to enjoy the process of calculation. It also helps improve motor and mental skills.



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