Multifunctional Cleaning Brush 2 | 8-in-1 Keyboard Cleaning Kit - Orange

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Multifunctional Cleaning Brush 2 | 8-in-1 Keyboard Cleaning Kit


  • Product Name: Multifunctional Cleaning Brush
  • Product Model: Q6X
  • Product Material: ABS, Fiber flannelette, Sponge
  • Executive Standard: Q/ZLWL 001-2021
  • Made in China
  • Product Size: 45x23x122mm
  • Mobile Phone Holder
  • Suitable for: Digital products such as earphones bluetooth earphones, mobile phones, tablets, computers, cameras, keyboards etc.
  • Design is more concise and generous. Lightweight and easy to carry.
  •  This multi-function cleaner set can meet a wide range of cleaning needs.
  • Allows to easily wipe the stubborn residue at any time.
  • Cleaning pen is equipped with two sets of brushes. The large brush is used to clean the large area of dirt on the earphone, the small brush is used to clean the gap of the sound hole, and the flocking sponge
  • can clean the hard to clean parts inside the earphone compartment.
  • Open the cover can be used as a cell phone stand.

The 8in1 Deep Gap Compact Multi-Device Cleaning Set is the perfect way to keep all your devices clean and free of dirt, dust, and grime. The set includes eight different attachments that allow you to reach all the nooks and crannies of your devices, making sure they are always clean and in top condition.

The attachments are also great for getting into hard-to-reach places, so you can easily clean your keyboard, your phone’s charging port, and more. The set comes with a storage case, so you can keep all the attachments organized and in one place.