Moving Sandscapes

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Moving Sandscape is a majestic beauty, an all-time classic, perfect eye-catching shape regally sitting on its own throne.

How it works:

  • Turn the sand arc over to watch the dance of the elements.
  • The sand just wants to settle at the bottom, the air just wants to escape to the top, the water hosts the party.
  • The result is the sand trickles between the air bubbles to create a fascinating stratification in the sand mountains.
  • You can turn the Deep Sea 180° to create breathtaking mountains, valleys, and dunes.
  • Or, just rotate the Deep Sea to create cascading sands.
  • Flow Time: 15 Min - 2 Hours

Perfect addition to any Home, Office Desktop, Mantle, or bookshelf making it ideal for any setting. With this sleek modern designs and brilliant sand blend, it is designed to go with any decor. If you are giving this as a gift, you know it will be an instant hit!

Calms your senses

Let time sweep away all your troubles and lose yourself in the magnificent scenes the falling sand creates with each passing minute!

Enriches your atmosphere

Come closer to the distant corners of the world while relaxing at home with a timeless piece of excellence!

Endless horizons

When your sculpture is complete just flip the circle and watch a whole new dynamic landscape being created in front of your eyes.


The ultimate choice

You don't have to choose how your decor should look, leave it to Moving Sandscape™ to pick the best view for your surroundings!


  • Material: glass, acrylic, quicksand
  • Size: choose your preferred size: 7 inch/ 18 cm or 12 inch / 27 cm