Mi Portable Photo Printer Paper (2*3 inch 20-sheets)

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Xiaomi Printer Paper (2x3-inch, 20-sheets) for Mi Portable Photo Printer


Features and Specifications:

- Brand: Xiaomi 

- Model: XMBXXZ01HT

- Packet Size: 20 Sheets

- Paper Size: 3 inches  

- Self-Adhesive Photo Print Paper

- Ready-to-Use Printer Paper 

- Compatible with Xiaomi Portable Photo Printer 

- Double Layer for Better Quality


You want to be able to print everything out without any problems and wherever you are that's why you got the new Xiaomi Mi portable photo printer.Specially designed for this printer it's going to let you get all the shots you want to get your hands on. The new Xiaomi Mi portable photo printer is designed for you who love taking photos everywhere and having them.So that you don't run out of support get this new high quality photo paper with a 3" size and double layer for better printing.This pack of 20 papers is amazing and you're going to love it.

- Xiaomi's special 3 inch photo paper, a small one, just in the palm of your hand, light and portable, loaded with imported bags to travel.
- The printer can heat the photographic paper to image, the heating temperature precisely controlled, one image does not have to wait, and the color is vivid and long lasting.
- Just fill in the Xiaoma special photographic paper and say goodbye to the lack of ink. Anytime, anywhere, with the beat.
- For Xiaomi/Inkless printingOne imaging/Fun to play 3 inchesAdhesive design/Easy to use is not expensive.