Lefan Foot Stimulator Massage Mat

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وحدة إدارة المخزون: 6971139733234

Product size: 310 × 310 × 5.3mm
Host material: PC + ABS
Foot pad material: PU, EVA + EPDM, silver paste
Battery type: lithium battery 40mAh ( Rechargeable )
Working principle: low frequency pulse stimulation
Product weight: 120g +/- 10g (including host)
Executive standard: GB4706.10-2008, GB4706.1-2005
 1. EMS current technology, through the  current to form a current closed loop between the legs, simulate the brain
    to send nerve signals to the muscles, cause the muscles to contract and relax rhythmically, relax the leg muscles
2. Four massage modes, to meet a variety of needs, after shopping, full of joy and leg pain. 15 minutes to relieve leg muscle pain,
    eliminate leg edema.
3. Intelligent induction protection, automatic power off when leaving massage pad
4. 10 gear adjustment to relax your legs from shallow to deep
5. USB charging interface, 2.5 hours at a time, 15 minutes per day, can be used for 7 consecutive days.
Package Inlcuded:
Controller  x1
Massage Mat x1