Baseus Hand Washing Machine - White

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– Brand: Baseus
– Automatic infrared sensing foam
– Two gear foam adjustment
– 2 stages foam for kids and adults
– Indicator light usage status
– High density foaming net
– Highly antibacterial
– Highly protecting
– Noiseless motor
– Material: ABS
– Weight: 220g
– Dimensions: 209.8mm x 93.3mm
– Working current: 240mA
– Working Voltage: 6V
– Rated power: 1.4W
– Sensing distance: 4cm to 5 cm
– Compatible with any kind of soap or hand wash that are foam type
– Requires 4 AA batteries


Smart sensor


The dispenser is equipped with an infrared sensor with a response time of 0.25 seconds. The maximum sensor distance is 6 cm. Just put your hand on the dispenser and the sensor will immediately detect it and apply it to foamed soap. This function is particularly useful when your hands are unusually dirty so that the dispenser remains clean and does not spread bacteria and viruses. Take care of your family's health with the new Baseus device.



Foam soap


After aeration, the soap becomes frothy, which increases its volume up to fifteen times. The dense structure of foamed soap enables faster hand washing, which results in lower water consumption. One of the biggest advantages of this solution is that the soap is dosed without contact, which reduces the spread of infectious diseases.



Design to protect against the mess


The soap dispenser is inclined at an angle of 45°, so that the foamed soap is applied without contact with the soap dish's body, without causing an unnecessary mess.



Convenient refilling


The dispenser container has a wide thread with a diameter of 2 cm so that pouring soap into it will be nothing challenging. No more pouring around liquids, whether from a bottle or a plastic bag.




Long-lasting use


The motor of the dispenser is designed so that it is very quiet when used and consumes little energy so that with full batteries it can be used up to 10 thousand times. It is powered by 4 AA rechargeable batteries so that the device is not limited by the life of the battery, as the used rechargeable batteries can be replaced with new ones at any time.




Two modes


Depending on your needs, you can set two soap frothing modes. The first mode foams the soap for 1 second, resulting in more condensed foam and better cleaning with extremely smeared hands, while the second mode foams the soap for 0.6 seconds, which is completely sufficient for normal use of the dispenser.




Ideal for use in the kitchen


The dispenser can be particularly useful in the kitchen when your hands will be especially smeared with oil or stuffing or other substances during meal preparation. Instead of soiling everything around you, you simply slip your hands under the dispenser and it will serve foamed soap.





Producent Baseus
Product code ACXSJ-B02
Model Baseus Minipeng hand washing machine
Voltage 6 V
Power 1.4 W
Working current 240mA
Material ABS
Volume 300ml
Sensor range around 4-5cm
Battery type 4 x AA 
Color White
Purpose Bathroom dispenser, kitchen dispenser, hotel