Enchen Hair Clipper Boost Trimmer

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Xiaomi Enchen Boost, cheap hair clipper with ceramic blade and adjustable cutting length


Features Xiaomi Enchen Boost Wireless Hair Clipper Machine:

  • Adjustable cutting length between 0.7 and 21mm by lifting or tilting its rear button
  • Nanoceramic cutting head; faster, smoother and quieter than typical stainless steel
  • Two cutting speeds with "Turbo Mode" at 5800 rpm
  • Efficient battery management with ESM technology
  • Full charge via USB Type C in 1.5 hours
  • Autonomy of 3 months with 1 hour charge
  • Cutter head with rounded corners
  • Minimalist and ergonomic design


Hair trimming machine - Adjustable cutting length from 0.7 to 21mm - Nanoceramic cutting head - Noise emission below 55dB - Normal cutting speed 4500 rpm - Turbo mode 5800 rpm - ESM technology - Ergonomic and minimalist design

Meet the Xiaomi Enchen Hair Clipper, a push-button hair clipper for convenient trimming length adjustment, two speeds, ultra-low sound emission and smart fast charging. Are you going to miss it? You should discover it right now! Here, at Powerplanetonline.

Cutting Length Adjustable between 0.7 and 21mm

This hair clipper is really easy to use. You don't have to be a professional! Thus, the Enchen Boost has a button to regulate cutting length between 0.7mm and 21mm, thus avoiding having to change the comb according to the area to be cut. This way, we will have a more complete machine that requires less effort and less equipment to deal with.

Nanoceramic Cutting Head. Faster, Smoother and Quieter

In addition, the Enchen Boost Hair Clipper is a good choice because of its cutting head, which is made of nanoceramic. This type of material is 1.6 times stronger than stainless steel, which is usually used in hair clippers, also offering a smoother and smaller surface. In this way, we will achieve a much faster, smoother and quieter work that manages to extend the life of the machinery. In fact, the noise emission below 55dB, when the average in this type of equipment is 70dB, will make it very pleasant to use.

Two Cutting Speeds with a Maximum of 5800 rpm

The Xiaomi Echen Boost hair clipper is equipped with frequency conversion technology, combined with a powerful 280-type motor, which provides two cutting speeds. The normal starting speed is 4500 rpm, but if you find that this is not enough for your hair you can activate the Turbo mode to reach 5800 rpm - get a clean, perfect cut!

Efficient Battery Management with ESM Technology

The Xiaomi Echen Boost is also powered by a rechargeable battery, but you can still use it while it charges, which is especially useful if you run out of power in the middle of your haircut. It also features ESM (Energy Smart Manager) technology, which provides an intelligent charge that can manage power to give you maximum power regardless of your battery level. This results in cleaner, more professional haircuts, longer battery life and no overheating.

3- month Autonomy with a 1-hour Charge

Connect the cable to its Type C port and get a fully charged Xiaomi hair clipper in an hour and a half. However, according to the manufacturer, a one hour charge will give the Xiaomi Hair Clipper 3 months*.

*Running times may vary as they are subject to conditions of use, such turbo mode use.

Ergonomic Design with Rounded Corners

And, of course, the Xiaomi Echen Boost has an exquisite appearance, every detail is carefully designed. Its minimalist and ergonomic design makes it most pleasing to the eye as well as to your hands, with a comfortable and secure grip. Its head with rounded corners will also make contact with your skin delicate and safe. It only has two buttons, as well as LED's that indicate the battery level of the device. Last but not least, you can remove the cutting head to clean it under the tap after every use.

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    Technical specifications Xiaomi Enchen Boost Wireless Hair Clipper Machine:

    • Brand: Xiaomi Enchen
    • Product: Hair clipper
    • Model: Boost
    • Material: ABS
    • Colour: Black and White
    • Nominal power: 5 W
    • Noise emission: <55 dB
    • Voltage: 5 V
    • Charging time: 120 minutes
    • Charging mode: USB Type C
    • Dimensions: 164 x 43 mm
    • Weight: 142 g

    Package content:

    • 1x Xiaomi Enchen Boost Wireless Hair Clipper Machine
    • 1x USB Cable
    • 1x User Manual