Baseus Cylinder Slide-Cover Waterproof Bag Pro - Blue

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وفِّر 14%
وحدة إدارة المخزون: 6932172610982

  • The tight, cylinder closure of the cover allows for carefree fun with the phone at the pool, beach or during a canoeing trip. You will not have to worry that your valuable equipment will fall out of the bag and into the water.
  • The absence of fingerprints and other dirt on the case will allow you to take photos even under water! High-quality transparent TPU prevents dirt, yellowing and greasy stains.
  • Strong material that is hard to cut or tear. Five layers of strong TPU will even allow you to dive without fear of damaging the cover under the influence of water pressure.
  • A soft and comfortable, yet durable cotton lanyard is skin-friendly and does not cause abrasions.