Apexel 60XTelephoto Smartphone Lens - Black

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Product Contents:
1x 60x Telephoto Lens
1x JJ09 Long Tripod
1x APEXEL Universal Clip
1x Tripod Connection Ring
1 x Eyecup
1 x Dedicated Storage Pouch
1 x Cleaning Cloth
1 x English instruction manual

When you go to a concert or play, everyone wants to sit upfront, but the front row is usually expensive, and it’s even harder to get good seats for a popular play.  So in either case, it was hard to get a seat in front of the concert, so we had to sit at the top of the hill.  You might need a telescope to see the performers on stage.  Apexel’s 60X Telephoto Lens is the best choice.  

Apexel from China has released a 60X Telephoto Lens for concerts and theatrical performances. It is a new design of high-quality optical 60X telescope zoom Lens with a rugged tripod design.  The phone’s telephoto lens also comes with a balanced tripod, which can be either a selfie stick or retractable (up to 1.2m).  

On top of that, the Apexel 60X telephoto lens has an incredibly wide field of view that will be popular with birders and wildlife enthusiasts alike.  

60X Telephoto Lens

This is a newly designed high-quality optical 60X telescope zoom lens with a rugged tripod design.  The phone’s telephoto lens also comes with a balanced tripod, which can be either a selfie stick or retractable (up to 1.2m).  

FMC’s full multi-layer coating, made of advanced optical glass, can achieve high-definition images, take clear images, there will be no dark circles around the corner.  Suitable for iPhone/Samsung/device/HTC/ZTE/Xiaomi/Moto/Blackberry/Nokia 98% of mobile phones (also applies to the iPhone series)  

The phone’s telephoto lens also comes with a balanced leg that doubles as a selfie stick.  Once the lens is in place, we can place the phone on a sturdy, adjustable tripod.  There are 3 sets for your choice.  

1. Features of the 60X Telephoto Lens:  

(1) Small size, lightweight, easy to carry  

Concerts usually take about two hours. Not to mention that you are carrying a very heavy pair of binoculars, even if you carry an umbrella and a bottle of water in your backpack when shopping, your shoulders will feel sore after a long time.  So a small, compact, portable telescope is the best choice.  

Apexel’s 60X Telephoto Lens meets our requirements both in size and weight.  Put it in your backpack, go to the concert is very convenient, carry a long time will not feel tired, girls are also easy to accept.  Its lens kit is also suitable for everyone, from your friends to your parents.  It’s easy to set up, carry and store for parties, music festivals, camping, hiking, trips, bird-watching, moongazing, and more, keeping all the good memories.  

(2) HD 60x telephoto smartphone lens  

Novel optical path, a long field of vision, large light transmission.  High resolution, good color rendering effect.  Can be used as a single telescope, giving you the opportunity to see the wonders of the world from a distance.  

Apexel's 60X Telephoto Lens

(3) Retractable tripod  

Sturdy and foldable legs allow for more accurate positioning.  Note: This package does not include a tripod and smartphone, please purchase separately if necessary.  

(4) The 60X telephoto lens can also be used as a single cartridge  

As monoculars, the 60X telephoto lens is equipped with a special eye patch.  

And it can be paired with a phone and stand for photo and video shooting.  

You can apply it to any type of outdoor and indoor activity, such as camping, traveling, concerts, etc.  

(5) All metal body  

Made of premium glass and case, durable and portable, universal removable clip design, clamps firmly into the phone.  

2. The style of 60X Telephoto Lens  

(1) 60X telescope with tripod  

(2) 60X telescope with tripod and remote shutter  

(3) Single 60X telescope (not including tripod and remote control).  

Apexel's 60X Telephoto Lens

We use binoculars to see things that are far away, and there’s no point in seeing things with bad binoculars that aren’t as good as what you can see with the naked eye.  For those of us who regularly attend shows of all kinds, binoculars are certainly a safe part of our daily routine.  

With 60 times magnification, compact design, high resolution, and no vignetting, our telescopes provide you with the extremely comfortable field of vision and are easy to take with you.  In addition to watching concerts, it is also suitable for watching games, tourism, animal observation, journalists, geological exploration, forestry management, etc