Yesido Monitor Holder C155 - Black

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  • Brand: Yesido
  • Type: Suspension screen phone holder
  • Model: C155
  • Applying: Behind car monitor/center console/notebook
  • Material: Silicone+TPE
  • Package included: 1 x Car Magnetic Phone Holder

Suspension  screen mobile phone holder easily hide and foldable

Mobile phone can be horizontal and vertical screen

Any position on the back of the screen can be pasted

Four new function as follow

1.folding storage;

2.extra firm;

3.strong adsorption; rotation

storage hidden

Push,fold and hide

No block the line of sight

Free operate

Adjustable metal arm

Lengthened metal arm, It is more convenient to push and pull with one hand

180° / 360° adjustment

Built-in triaxial joint , angle can be adjusted at will

VH3M glue

The longer the pasting time , the firmer

Upgrade , lengthen and bendable base , viscosity doubled

N50 magnet

strong adsorption

Built-in 4 pcs magnets

It won't drop down when shaking

Original and ingenious design

Safe , Unique

Storage wire

The cable clamp design on the back of bracket prevents the data cable from winding

Extensive application scenarios console;

2.suspension screen;;


Installation steps tutorial

1.Pull off the super glue protective film at the bottom;

2.Adhere the bottom of the bracket to the position you want to place to finish pasting;

3.Prepare the mobile phone ,case and iron sheet;

4.Clean the installation part of the mobile phone;

5.Put the iron sheet between the mobile phone and it's case