Xiaomi Scishare S3101 Electric Milk Forthing Machine Diy Coffee - Black

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- Product name: foaming machine
- Rated voltage: 220V
- Product model: S3101
- Rated frequency: 50Hz
- Product net weight: about 0.8kq
- Rated power: 550W
- Function: normal temperature milk bubble/hot milk bubble/hot milk



Premium coffee experience

When rich coffee meets delicate milk bubble, take a sip, soothing and gentle aftertaste touches

A feast on the tip of the tongue. Whether it's a smooth cappuccino or a mellow latte, it's easy to make. Easy to enjoy السهل

Make your own premium coffee.



Magnetic swirl milk, fast foam

The base of the milk frother machine is equipped with a DC motor, with a maximum speed of 5500 rpm. When

The motor is rotating, and the magnetic structure on the motor head drives the magnetic suspension element in

The cup to rotate, quickly produce a fine milk foam.



Three modes, one button start

Thinking of milk bubble machine will be divided into normal temperature (cold) milk bubble, hot milk bubble, hot

the milk. Gasoline generator with one key start, you can make a thick milk bubble. During the hot milk, the machine adopts the speed switch to

The realization of fast and even heating, and do not need to replace the magnetic suspension components, so it is

Convenient to use.

Note: Add milk after cooling and choose normal temperature milk bubble making key, which is

Cold milk bubble function. Normal temperature (cold) milk hot milk bubble hot milk bubble



Jacquard cup mouth design, convenient for DIY


The mouth of the milk cup is designed according to the mouth of the flower cup, which is convenient for pouring

Milk froth directly to draw flowers after the completion of the milk bubble. The cup mouth design is

Convenient to control the flow rate of milk, and it can be placed in and out freely, making fancy coffee more simple

and comfortable