Xiaomi Youpin Lofans Mini Wireless Ironing Machine YD-017 - Pink

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Lofans Mini Wireless Ironing Machine Handheld Steamer Iron Smart Power-off For Home Travel Small Portable Ironing Clothes

1. Battery capacity: 4800mAh
2. Rated power: 65W
3. Input power: 5V
4. Gear position: 1 gear
5. Life time: 20min
6. Wireless to get rid of the shackles, create sweet and salty wind. Double-click to open the simple operation, novices can also get started.
7. It weighs only 250g, which is lighter than a can of Coke. Daily appointments, commuting, travel without burden, enjoy the highlight moments anytime, anywhere.
8. 65W low power, student dormitory can also be used with confidence. With exquisite makeup and careful dressing, a beautiful day starts with a refreshing and refreshing look.
9. The aluminum alloy bottom plate is attached with smooth ceramic rice, and the high temperature bottom plate can easily walk between clothes of various materials, which can effectively reduce high temperature damage and gently care for the clothes.
10. Product size: 180x64x70.3mm
11. Product net weight: 250g



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Carton Size 42cm * 42cm * 47cm / 16.54inch * 16.54inch * 18.5inch