Leravan AL Neck Massage Pillow LJPL007-YPGY

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  • With alarm function, it can start the morning wake-up program on time when the APP color value wakes up.
  • Two levels of warm compresses meet the needs of warm compresses while massaging, effectively promote blood circulation in the neck and relieve soreness.
  • Using bass air pump, the volume does not exceed 40dB during airbag massage.
  • The classic wave-shaped design form and all-round support allow people to turn over freely during deep sleep, bringing a more comfortable sleep experience.
  • The use of high-quality memory foam, soft and supportive, can relieve the pressure on the head and neck to the greatest extent.
  • The double-layer vent design enhances air circulation.
  • The pillowcase is detachable for easy cleaning.


Color: Grey
Rated Power: 10W
Rated Voltage: 5V
Dimension Product Weight: 1.50±0.20kg
Product Size: 10.00 x 60.00 x 38.70cm

Package Contents

1 x Smart massage pillow
1 x Manual

1 x Type-C cable

Analysis of Leravan AI Neck Massage Pillow

New pillow with features that will surprise you.

With a classic wave design, it adapts completely to the cervical vertebrae area, significantly improving posture, comfort, and rest.

It measures 600 mm long, 387 mm deep, and 100 mm high at the highest part, and weighs 880 grams.

The outer layer is made of Dulbecco 50D viscoelastic foam. The double-layer vents are evenly distributed.

And here comes the novelty, and is that it incorporates a kind of electric and silent airbag (40 dB or fewer) that in addition to being customizable, provides a feeling of sleep and rest unprecedented.

It includes several stretch modes and the height can be adjusted to up to 5 levels.

It also supports temperature adjustment between 42º and 46º.

This pillow can be connected to the Mi Home app via Bluetooth.