Xiaomi Dr.BEI F3 Oral Irrigator Dental 180ml Water Flosser

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Xiaomi Dr.B F3 Oral Irrigator DentalPortable 180ml Water Flosser Tip Rechargeable 3-Level 0.6mm
Ultra Fine Water Jet Flosser

Xiaomi portable irrigator DR.BEI F3 Oral irrigator - white


  1. Brand: DR.BEI
  2. Model: F3
  3. Capacity: 180ML
  4. Size: 70.5*161.5*40mm
  5. Weight: 257.6g
  6. Voltage: 3.7V
  7. Power: 5W
  8. Charging time: About 4 hours
  9. Charging interface: Micro USB
  10. Charging voltage: 5V 1.5A

Main Feature

1. The traditional tooth punch is bulky and occupies a lot of space, so it is not convenient to use and carry. Dr. Bay has successfully solved the technical problem by making it as small as a mobile phone, easy to pick up and carry on business trips.

2. High-frequency strong pressure stabilizer pump, the water column at 1600 times/min frequency high-pressure jet, up to 0.6mm diameter, easy to deep clean teeth seam, remove stubborn plaque, more convenient than dental floss.

3. Pulse bubble pressure flow and teeth force, gentle but not stimulating, can massage gingival and periodontal comfortably, enjoy clean oral SPA, remove peculiar smell, make the oral cavity more healthy.

4. Dr. Bei skillfully combined the water injection port and the storage bin of the sprinkler head to avoid the risk of contamination of the sprinkler head and inject it at the same time, which is convenient for daily application and cleaning.

5. Switch three modes with one key to enjoy multiple teeth cleaning care. You can choose cleaning, soft, massage three modes as you wish.

Dr.Bei Water Flosser F3 contains a tank from 180ml
From what we could learn on YouPin, this Xiaomi Dr.Bei Water Flosser F3 should help remove all the dental plaque in excess. This operation, therefore, would be possible only thanks to a fort water jet which acts precisely in the areas concerned, performing its task. This product, in fact, has a very simple structure which, at times, could also resemble a particular model of electronic cigarette.
If we analyze for a moment all that has been produced by Xiaomi during these years, we find a really wide variety. In fact, even just within its own catalog, many different ones have been included accessories. These are devices that can often be of interest to a wide circle of people. Which is why in recent years the brand has managed to make itself known more and more, showing a truly excellent quality. According to what is shown on your crowdfunding platform, Xiaomi YouPin, another interesting product is coming. This is, once again, a device for thedental care, Called Xiaomi Dr.Bei Water Flosser F3.
Inside the package you can find a swivel nozzle, with a diameter of 0,6 mm. Thanks to this instrument, penetration into all oral cavities is facilitated. This device, in fact, is also useful for those who cannot use the toothbrush with ease. Beyond this, however, inside it resides a battery that should be able to reach 30 days of autonomy with a single charge.
Xiaomi Dr.Bei Water Flosser F3

Xiaomi Dr.Bei Water Flosser F3

Xiaomi Dr.Bei Water Flosser F3