Xiaomi Deerma Electric Hot Water Cup DEM-DRO35S - White

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  •  Model: DEM-DR035s
  • Rated voltage: 220V-50Hz
  • Rated power: 300W
  • Bottle capacity: 350ml
  • Constant temperature: 40-90
  • Material: ABS, PP, Stainless steel
  • Product weight: 0.48kg
  • Product size: 7.6 x 7.6 x 22.2cm

1 cup = constant temperature kettle + electric kettle is easy to boil and drink healthy hot water

Using Delmar's portable electric heating cup, you can boil water, adjust the water temperature and maintain a constant temperature for a long time, and you can drink hot and healthy water from stomach to heart anytime, anywhere .

* Plug-in water/temperature adjustment/thermostat requires plug-in type.

Automatically release pressure during fast-boiling surround sound without opening the lid

The newly added steam pressure reducing valve can automatically detect the pressure in the cup and release the pressure in time.

The lid can also boil water to prevent impurities from falling into the water.

The heat heats the water source in three dimensions, that is, 8 minutes and 30 seconds *, that is, it boils and enjoys the warm water with confidence.

* Data from daily tests in the Delmar laboratory

IMD real-time water temperature display at a glance

Will you get burned by the high temperature when drinking water?

DelMar's new IMD display collects temperature information from the temperature sensor in real time and provides a feedback display so you can directly see the temperature of the water in the cup.

It is suitable for drinking water without scalding your mouth.

40#-90# frequency conversion temperature adjustment at any time

Built-in intelligent frequency conversion program, 40-90 # temperature can be freely selected to meet different needs.

The tea is directly heated to the selected temperature, which is convenient for drinking, and the hot taste is perfect.

* Warm-up time data obtained from daily tests in the Delmar laboratory

  • The plug-in automatically thermostats for 2 hours, the car is warm and intimate

  • After the temperature adjustment is finished, it will automatically cycle heating and keep the water temperature constant, and then select the temperature.

  • Update the setting to a constant temperature for 2 hours, then stop heating at this location to avoid forgetting to turn off the power and causing an accident.

  • If constant temperature is not needed, you can unplug the plug after adjusting the temperature, and then directly enjoy the heat.

portable electric water cup hotel boiling water cup healthy water

Concerned about hotel drinking water sanitation?

Whatever you say, no matter where you are, you can drink with peace of mind and stay healthy.

Adjustable constant temperature mobile milk cup and baby milk powder

Adjust the water temperature to a constant temperature of 40#, so that the milk is not delayed immediately, the baby will not make any sound when the milk is full, and it is close to natural scenery.

* Reminder: It is recommended to use pure water to clean the milk.

Select [Temperature Adjustment] mode to adjust the water temperature to 40# and quickly clean the milk in a short time.

After setting the temperature, it will automatically maintain a constant temperature for 2 hours.

304 stainless steel liner does not release impurities

The casing is made of 304 stainless steel, resistant to acid, alkali and corrosion, and does not release impurities when boiling.

Baoma can be safely used with milk, and every bite is healthy. Seamless process, easy to clean and no mess.

304 stainless steel is safe, odorless, no impurities, and can be tested waterproof

Can be used as a water cup lid

Make full use of the lid, redesign it into the shape of a deep mouth water cup, use PP materials that can come into contact with food, and can be used directly in the water cup without having to carry another cup of water when traveling . You can pour water and drinks at any time.

Screen touch control can freely open 2 functions

The new water temperature screen integrates 2 function touch buttons, and its design is also integrated with digital water temperature display to expand the aesthetic sense. The two functions of boiling water and temperature setting can be freely selected, we will consider your different needs.


* The plateau area is affected by the boiling point, use pure water for heating.

Boiling water: heat tap water to 100 °C

Temperature regulation: heating pure water to the selected temperature

Low power consumption, low power consumption, no need to worry about power limitation, hot during school

Low power consumption and environmental protection characteristics of 300W (even in dormitories) are also limited in power.

During the study break, listen to music and talk about your thoughts. Drink warm water when thirsty, leaving warm memories.

3 layers of tight insulation and heat resistance, easy to grip and prevent hot hands

Three layers of thermal insulation are placed on the body of the cup: the inner container blocks heat, the insulating foam prevents heat leakage, and the watch case prevents burns. Careful protection can allow you to hold or pick it up at any time and avoid scalding your hands.

Fully automatic monitoring of anti-dry double firing and tax exemption

Built-in sensitive sensor, automatically monitor the machine's internal temperature, the water temperature is too high or the machine prevents dry burning and other unexpected situations, when the fault temperature is too high, automatic shutdown protection, safety and humanity, save problems and problems.

The food-sealed silicone ring is safe and harmless, and the sealed bag will not leak.

Sensitive temperature sensor detects water temperature change, transmits in time, and is easy to control.

Dustproof silica gel is not only beautiful and dustproof, but also prevents water leakage when cleaning.