WiWU Wimice Dual Mode Wireless Mouse - Black

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  • Brand: WiWU 
  • Item: Wimice Dual
  • Material: ABS
  • Model:WM108
  • Type:Wireless Dual Mode Mouse
  • Battery Capacity: 300 mAh
  • Standby Time: 6Months
  • Product weight: 130g
  • Product size: 123*127*160mm
  • Make office work and games more easy and efficient
  • Super magnetic absorption
  • Lightweight and can smart positioning
  • Quickly relieve wrist pressure
  • The bottom is sensitive
  • The middle key roller makes work efficient
  • The button is cofortable and easy to click
  • The curve of the mouse body adapts to the hand grip of the palm of different sizes
  • Good using experience