Vyvylabs Starry Sky Multifunctional Camping Light 10M 2000mAh VOX2

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Light source type LED
Brand Vyvylabs
Colour colourfull
Power source Battery Powered
Material Plastic

About this item

  • Upgraded Camping String Lights Camping Lantern, an all-in-one camping gear that seamlessly combines a camping lantern and string light.The 32.8ft long outdoor string light can illuminate your tent,emitting a warm and soft glow, like scattered stars, filling the entire environment with warmth and romance. Great summer holiday camping essentials.
  • Multiple Lighting Modes Camping Lights provide 8 modes - lantern warm, RGB alternate flash, RGB breathing, lantern + string light warm, lantern strong, long distance high beam, long distance medium beam, SOS flash. It can be adjusted according to preference to meet various lighting needs. Perfect for camping tents, family gatherings and other occasions.
  • Compact & Easy to Store Quickly turn the handle and the string lights can be restored by the manual device in only about 30 seconds. String lights for camping ingenious design ensures seamless storage and easy packing.
  • USB Charging and Battery Indicator With its built-in 2000mAh battery, the camping string light can operate for 5 to 12 hours when fully charged, depending on the selected mode. During charging, the power indicator flashes blue to give you a clear picture of the charging status. In addition, this camping light can also act as a power bank, allowing you to charge your cell phone while camping or hiking.
  • Waterproof & Suspension Design The camping light string has an IPX4 waterproof rating and works well even in wet environments. Hanging design, can be hung on top of tents, RVs, Christmas trees, branches or various stands, very portable to use.
  • Rugged Quality The camp string lights are made of soft PVC rubber, smooth and textured, sturdy and durable, can be folded, bent and wrapped.32.8 feet long battery powered string lights camping are perfect for decorating tents.
  • Portable And Versatile This camping string light weighs 7.4 ounces, lightweight and portable, easy to store. Whether you are camping, traveling, or spending a romantic night at home, the small hidden hooks can be easily installed in your tent, room or outdoor space to create a soft and bright environment.
Camping lantern with string light

 Designed specifically for camping enthusiasts like you.

3 in 1 Camping String Light


easy to roll up




Camping lantern not only have good lighting effects but are also lightweight and portable, making them easy to carry during outdoor activities.


The storage of the light string is very convenient, you only need to rotate the hidden handle.


Camping lights come equipped with a hidden hanging hook, providing users with a convenient way to hang the light in various camping scenarios.


Camping string light are designed with waterproof features to ensure their functionality even in wet and rainy conditions.

wide application