VAPO Mesh Nebulizer VP-M11 - White

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  • Power Source :2 AA alkaline batteries (3V) or Micro USB (5V)
  • Particle Size (EN13544-1) : ≤3 μm
  • Nebulization Rate : ≥0.25ml/min
  • Noise : Ambient Noise
  • Capacity of Medicine Cup: ≤8 ml
  • Dimensions : 35 (W)mm x 105 (H)mm x 65 (D)mm
  • Weight : Approx. 77 g (not including batteries)

● Performance

Patented technology to ensure ultrafine particles MMAD be less than 3um, which can penetrate deeper into the affected area and directly reach the lesion, nebulizing rate ≥0.25ml/min, and residual ≤0.1ml makes the medicine solution be high efficiency.

There are different kinds of masks for optional, such as PP shaped + TPU ring mask, silicone mask and different colors for your choice, and we are experienced to support OEM & ODM cooperation.

● Design

This portable nebulizer is a new innovation technology based on traditional nebulizers, with small size, quiet operation, and humanized design, mesh nebulizer is very popular in the market.

VP-M11 is a new designed model in VAPO Healthcare, based on very experienced team for mesh nebulizer, this model with super economic design, price is competitive but quality is still reliable.

Automatic power off when all drug is gone and atomization finishes, and automatic cleaning model to ensure easy operation, dual power supply which can be used with batteries or USB cable, it is convenience and environment friendly.

● Certification

Certified by medical CE and ISO13485 from TUV to ensure high quality, VAPO Healthcare is a professional team who is always take high quality and service into the first consideration when you choose VAPO Healthcare, it means you get a real reliable long-term partner.