Umiio Q1 Laser Projector With LED Display For Android

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Umiio Q1 Laser Projector With LED Display For Android


  • System: Android
  • Color: black, white
  • Body size: 116.5*116.5*154mm
  • Product weight: 750g


Optical Parameter


1.Display technology: LED display technology

2.Projective light source: LED light source

3.Projective light source life: 50,000 hours

4.Brightness: 6000 ANSI lumens

5.resolution:1920*10806.Projection size: 50-300 INCH

7.Project ratio: 1.69: 1 (50 Inch@1M)

8.Projection distance: 0.8-5m

9.Projection length ratio: 16: 9

10.Rocket mode: manual

11.Corporal correction: ± 25 °

12.Projection mode: positive investment

13.Disctionation: <1.0 %

14.Specter specification: 4Ω3W independent sound cavity




1. 1920x1080 pixel HD widescreen image for the best picture.

2. Built-in Android 9.0 system, you can add applications

3. Built-in Wi-Fi to play youtube, netflix, google chorme, browser and other built-in applications (obtain Netflix permission to watch Netflix )

4. Support bluetooth speaker and aux cable connection.

5. The four corners of the machine can be set from the side with the function of adjusting the trapezoid. make the image undistorted

6. Can be connected to smartphones, IOS and Android systems, the latest version 2020, supports up to ios 14.4.2, which is the current version.

7. Android9.0, resolution 1920x1080 pixels, expandable 40-220CM, aspect ratio 16:9, Can connect to wifi to play youtube netflix browser