Telescoping Foldable Telescopic Stool 5.0

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Telescoping Foldable Telescopic Stool 5.0

  • Adjustable height design, high and low, according to the place, the purpose and even according to your mood.
  • Lightweight: This stool is super convenient to carry due to its foldable design and light weight
  • Multipurpose: This foldable stool is great for camping, fishing, hiking, etc.
  • Small size: Take us little space after shrinking, easy to carry, convenient for home storage, can also be placed on the trunk of the car.

Product Specifications:

  • Material: High strength nylon ABS Bearing
  • Anti-skid bottom: Non-slip & wear-resistant Rotary opening and folding design, gently twist, then you can use it.
  • Shoulder strap design: A shoulder strap is added to the side of the stool
  • Buckle design: Buckle design adopted between the layers, stable structure, safe to use.
  • [Durable,Sturdy,Stable,2023 Upgrade Patented Design]:Fish scale structure reinforced clasp for more sturdy and stable,the stool is made of 120 segments,and each layer has multiple buckles for safety,sturdy,durability,stability,comfortable,resistance and safer than old versions,the load capacity is 400lbs.
  • [Foldable,Adjustable height ]:The folding Camping stool to open and close easily in just seconds, lock in place with slight rotation, easy installation. The height can be adjusted freely between approximately 2.4 inch and 18 inch,It applicable for adults with less than 400lb weight,it is perfect for sending as a gift for family,friends,relatives.
  • [Portable,Lightweight]:Diameter and height in the closed state are 10" and 2.4" of this retractable stool, weight is 2.54 lbs. You can carry it in your hand or hanging on your shoulder with the adjustable two straps without any burden.The retractable stool is portable, lightweight, small and convenient to place into luggage.
  • [Easy to use,Multipurpose]:super easy to use. You can open it by holding both ends and pulling to open with slight turning them,perfect for indoors and outdoors. Indoor occasions such as the living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen,office.Outdoor activities: drawing room,garden,hiking,BBQ,camping,queue,fishing, kitchen, etc
  • [Self-open Prevention]:When this fold up stool is closed, snap joints designed on the caps come into play to prevent stool opening by itself. This make it more convenient and easier to bring it along for outdoor activities,the non-slip base ensure that this collapsable stool will give the stability to provide safe and comfortable sitting.


مصنوعة من مواد PP عالية القوة لقوة التحمل طويلة الأمد.

100 عقدة الطقات توفير استقرار أفضل ، يمكن أن تدعم وزن 150 كجم/330lbs.

كرسي قابل للسحب مع تلسكوبي 10 قطاعات ، وارتفاع يمكن تعديلها بشكل مستمر ، مثالية لكل من البالغين والأطفال.

يطوي بسرعة وسهولة بعيدا ويخرج مع الثقوب مريحة لأعلى والسفلي.

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تصميم مدمج ومحمول للتخزين المريح والحمل.

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