PXN V3 PRO Gaming Racing Wheel - Orange

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  • Brand : PXN 
  • Model Number: V3 Pro
  • With Shifter Set: YES
  • With Pedal Set: YES
  • Vibration: YES
  • Shift Mode: Gear
  • Shifter Power Supply Mode: Wired
  • Power Supply Pedal Strength Adjustable: YES
  • Maximum Rotation Angle: 180°
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  • Console/System: Windows 11,PlayStation 4,Windows 7,Xbox Series S,PlayStation 3,Windows 10,Xbox One,SWITCH,Windows 8,Xbox Series X Connection: WIRED Compatible Platforms: xbox,Nintendo Switch,PC,playstation

【Support Multiple Game Platforms】

Windows PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox one, Nintendo switch, Xbox Series S / X. you can play racing games on major platforms.

Cruise Control Easy to Drive

Leading tach intelligent Function let you release you feet,Enjoy the fun of Driving

Dual-motor Force Feedback System Anti-backlashhelical Gearing Provides Exceptionally Smooth,

Quiet Steering Action for Maximum ControlErgonomic Design

10.24 inch/26cm in Diamater with an Ergonomic Design

Specially Designed for Racing Games, 180 ° Angle can More Accurately and Sensitively Adjust the Direction of Racing.

【Replacement of 6 Gears】

the configuration equation imitates the shift paddle of racing car, which can easily complete the replacement of 6 gears by sliding the paddle with your fingers.

【Equipped with Pedals】

equipped with foldable pedals and brake control function, it can be completed by gently pressing the pedal when you need to slow down or stop, so as to make your racing experience more real.

12 Months Warranty: Our products have strict quality inspection when they are made, if gaming steering wheel you received are unusable, please contact us, and we will provide you with a complete after-sales warranty service.