Powerology Smart Laser Measurement Tool 30M - Black

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  • Brand: Powerology
  • Color: Black
  • Battery Capacity250 mAh
  • Working Time5000 Measurements
  • Measuring Range0.053-40m
  • Measurement Accuracy-+2mm

More about this item

  • Automatic Calculations
  • Area Measurement
  • High Accuracy

The Powerology 30M Smart Laser Tool in black is great for measuring quickly and accurately. You can measure in meters, inches, or feet, whatever you like. It can do 5000 measurements before it needs charging again, thanks to its 250mAh battery. You can measure things from very close up to 40 meters away. It also automatically figures out areas for you, which saves time. It's very precise, so you can trust the measurements it gives. This tool is perfect for anyone who needs to measure distances, It's easy to use, reliable, and very handy to have around.


Powerology 30M Distance-Smart Laser is a high accuracy measurement tool with the ability to measure distance in Meter, Inch, or Feet unit. With a 250mAh battery capacity this device can uninterruptedly function within 5000 measurements once its fully charged. This gadget can automatically calculate distance between 0.03M to 40M and count area with ± 2mm accuracy. This powerful device with long battery life and exclusive features is a perfect portable choice for all engineers and architects spending most of their time on construction sites.