Powerology Dash Camera Ultra 4K - Black

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  • Wide Dynamic Range
  • 170 Degree Wide Angle View
  • Motion Sensor
  • Temperature Resistant
  • HD Display

    This product comes up with some amazing features, which are:

    Wide Dynamic Range
    With a 170-degree wide-angle range, this camera can often capture greater detail in both highlights and shadows.

    Motion Sensor
    Sensors that detect crash impact are installed in-dash cameras. Any recording made prior to the accident is saved, and the files are automatically "locked" to prevent overwriting in the event of an accident.

    Temperature Resistance
    ​This dash cam is well-prepared against overheating and extreme conditions.

    Have you ever witnessed reckless driving on the road recently? That's probably an indication for you to invest in a quality dash cam so you will have first-hand evidence if something does happen. We suggest the Powerology Dash Cam 4K Ultra. The high dynamic range and 170-degree 5-lane view angle of the dash cam enable you to get a good picture or video of your surroundings. The videos and photographs on the 3" IPS display may also be seen. The dash camera can work in both Arabic and English.




      4K Ultra HD Video Quality

      The Powerology Dash Camera 4K Ultra captures high-quality video at 3840x2160 resolution, ensuring that you get a clear and detailed view of the road ahead.

      Built-in Sensors

      This dash camera is equipped with built-in sensors that provide a range of useful functions, including GPS, G-sensor, motion detection, and parking mode. The GPS function records the location and speed of your vehicle, while the G-sensor detects sudden impacts and saves the footage automatically. The motion detection feature activates the camera when motion is detected, while the parking mode feature records video when the vehicle is parked.

      Wide-Angle Lens

      The dash camera features a wide-angle lens that provides a 170-degree view of the road ahead, ensuring that you capture all the details of your surroundings.


      Brand Powerology
      Model PWDCM4KBK
      Color Black
      Storage Up To 128GB (Not Included)
      Language Arabic & English
      Lane View 170° 5-Lane View
      Application Support Compatible with iOS & Android
      Display 3" IPS Display