Omega Korea 1 Portable Electric Coffee Grinder | USB Rechargeable Travel Coffee Machine

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SKU: 9780201398809

  • Material: ABS,ceramic grinder,S/S
  • Container Capacity (Coffee Beans) : 15g
  • Cup Capacity: 100g
  • Suitable for: medium or deep roasted coffee bean
  • Battery capacity: 800mah x 2
  • Power : 5.5W
  • Voltage:7.4V
  • Size : 21cm*7.5cm/8.26in*2.95in


  • ONE-BUTTON OPERATION --- Easy one-button operation, it stops automatically after finishing grinding.
  • Easy USB Charging --- The grinder can be charged either from your laptop or any USB charger.
  • EASY GRINDING SETTINGS --- The fineness of the coffee can be adjusted easily. There are 5 levels of grinding from extra fine to coarse - perfect for espresso, french press, drip, cold brew, pour over coffee maker and more.
  • Large Capacity Removable Bean Container --- The ground coffee can be taken separately with the glass container. The container lid is on top of the mill.
  • Ceramic Conical Grinder --- The automatic coffee maker is equipped with a burr grinding mechanism, avoiding overheating, grinding uniformly and preserving the natural aroma of your coffee beans.