Baseus Portable Cleaning Set

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Brand : Baseus

Contents: Storage caseX1, cleaning spray, cleaning cloth, cleaning scrub

Cleaning Instructions:

  1. Use cleaning scrub to clean dust and impurities from wireless earplug grooves, keyboards, lenses and other devices.

  2. The Blu-tack sticks onto dirt and dust in hard to reach corners and angles.

  3. The cleaning spray can be directly sprayed on the dirty surfaces of objects. Then just use the cleaning cloth to wipe it clean and you're done.

Practical cleaning kit for earphones, phones, laptops, and cameras


With the practical mobile cleaning kit, your smartphone, earphones, camera, or laptop will always be clean and hygienic. It will clean every nook and cranny, screen, and case.




Antibacterial alcohol spray


Spray the surface with the included disinfectant, which contains up to 75% alcohol, removing most of the bacteria and viruses found on your mobile devices.




Easy cleaning of earphones


With this practical headset cleaning tool, keeping your earphones clean has never been easier.



Microfibre cloth


You will also find a microfibre cloth to remove various types of dirt, such as fingerprints and greasy marks.






The entire cleaning set can be conveniently closed in a compact case that fits easily into any bag or even a small backpack.