Zendure Passport Adapter - Pro

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  • Brand: Zendure
  • Type: Charging Adapter
  • Colour: Black/White
  • Seamless Function
  • Four Powerful USB Output Ports: One USB-C PD output and three USB-A outputs.
  • USB-C PD Fast Charging: With a 18W maximum output, it can charge iPhone X, iPhone 8/ 8 Plus up to 50% in just 30 minutes.
  • Charge 5 Devices at Once: Thanks to its four built-in USB ports and AC outlet, you can charge up to five devices simultaneously.
  • Works in Over 200 Countries and Regions: Built-in plugs and universal AC output.
  • Compact and Lightweight Universal Adapter: Small size fits perfectly in your bag or luggage.

World's Safest Travel Adapter – With A Resettable Fuse

The Zendure Pro Passport is the world's safest travel adapter.

BS8546 and IEC60884-2-5 compliant, it has grounding and a fuse built in (99% of travel adapters do not have these).

Zendure Pro is also the world's first adapter to have a resettable fuse.

(1) Award-Winning: Beautiful & Multi-Functional


A revolutionary innovation for travel adapters, the Zendure Pro Passport Adapter also sports a beautiful sleek design.

(2) Resettable Fuse: First In The World

It is the first time a resettable circuit breaker has been successfully miniaturised and built into a travel adapter.

Built with the help of a manufacturer with 27 year's experience – what this means is that with a press of a button, a blown fuse is now reset. No replacements required.

(3) Charge Up To 5 Devices At Once

A literal powerhouse, the Zendure Pro features 4 USB ports (including 1 USB-C) and a universal input socket.

(4) UPower Delivery (PD) For Fast Charging

Zendure Pro includes one USB-C PD output port that delivers up to 18W of power. This charges your device up to 70% faster than a standard 5W charger.

In merely 30 minutes, an iPhone X charges to:

• Zendure Pro:50%
• Ordinary 5W Charger:20%

Combined, the Zendure Pro USB ports output a stunning  30W total, one of the highest industry wide.

(5) Baby-Proof

Zendure Pro's socket holes sport baby-proof shielding to protect against curious prying.

Both sides of the socket holes need to be pushed in at the same time in order for socket pins to enter.

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(A) Built-In Grounding Wire

A top priority in electrical safety is keeping electricity grounded, reducing the risk of electrical shock, fires. 99% of travel adaptors on the market do not have a ground connection, due to design complexity.

But Zendure belongs to the other 1%.
Now you can use your beloved electronic devices with peace of mind. 

(B) BS8546 Compliant

BS8546 is a British Standard introduced specifically to protect against unsafe travel adaptors. It is the world's most stringent standard for travel adaptor safety and quality.

Zendure Pro is 100% compliant with this rigid standard.This required a complete re-design of everything from the inside out – from electronic components, raw materials, to the sizes of every part.

Zendure is also compliant with the international IEC60884-2-5 safety standard.