Omega Korea 1 Traveling Soap Sheets (50-pcs)

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Color: Dark Pink

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  • Brand : Omega Korea 1
  • Product Name : Portable soap paper
  • Function : Hand Cleaning
  • Size Type : Travel Size
  • Age Group : Adults
  • Material : Plastic Shell + Soap Paper
  • Weight : 12g
  • MOQ : 50pcs
  • Color : Dark Pink (Strawberry), Light Pink (Rose), Yellow (Lemon), Purple (Lavender)
  • Our pocket soap is made from high quality natural biodegradable materials and pure natural plant extract. Safe, without side effects.
  • Steps to use: Take out the soap sheet 2. A small amount of water wet the soap sheet 3. Gently rub your hands to produce lather 4. Wash your hands with water.
  • This pocket-sized disposable hand soap is perfect for travel, business trips, camping, hiking, barbecues or any outdoor activities, just keep it in your bag for everyday use.
  • Make you can keep it neat and tidy anytime and anywhere. It is an interesting washing product, environmental protection and travel products. A good partner for your health.

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