Mi Computer Glasses

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  • Brand : Xiaomi
  • Model ; HMJ01TS
  • Feature: 40% blue light blocking rate., Gold-plastic hybrid frame, Minimalist two-tone, Comfortable to wear., TR90 Lens
  • Product color: Black, Red
  • Leg material: Stainless steel
  • Frame material: TR90
  • Product weight: 18g (with lens)
  • Applicable gender: Unisex
  • Frame size: 55 x 17 x 140mm

Protects your eyes optimally

The Xiaomi Mi Computer Glasses make your eyes less tired from looking at screens. The computer glasses are designed to reduce the harmful effects on vision during prolonged computer work with the help of special lenses. The glasses are excellent for people who spend a lot of time in front of the computer or television, but everyday smartphone users can also benefit from the glasses.

Because the lenses have an AR coating, the lenses see very clearly and you can benefit from high visual acuity. In addition, this coating reduces glare from the lens surface.

Made of reliable materials

The special lenses eliminate UV radiation with UV400 protection, but the glasses also eliminate most waves of the harmful blue spectrum from computer and smartphone screens. The lenses reflect as much as 75% of the blue light. This reduces drying out of the eyes and also makes them much less tired after long screen use. If you often suffer from eye strain or headaches after a day at the computer, these glasses may be the solution!

The frame of the Xiaomi Mi Computer Glasses Black is made of ultra-light and flexible TR90 plastic that ensures a comfortable fit. In addition, the sturdy frame with stainless steel legs also provides safety when dropped or bumped. The classic design ensures that you can wear the glasses no matter what style of clothing you have! 

    • Designed to reduce harmful effects on vision
    • Clear visual acuity thanks to AR coating
    • UV400 protection
    • Eliminates 75% of blue light from screens
    • Made of ultra-light and flexible TR90 plastic with stainless steel legs