VAPO Mesh Nebulizer VP-M3 - White

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  • Power Source : 2 AA 2 x 1.5V AA alkaline batteries Micro USB (5V)
  • Power Consumption : Approximately 2W
  • Particle Size : ≤ 3 μm
  • Nebulization rate : ≥ 0.20 ml/min
  • Max Medication Capacity : 8ml
  • Type: vibrating mesh
  • Applications: for general purposes
  • Configuration: hand-held
  • MMAD: 3 µm
  • Regular volume: 8 ml (0.27 US fl oz)

1.One-click disassembly medicine cup Can make clean and replacement easily. 2.Innovation U-shaped medicine cup Can make the medication be gathered at the spray port, and the residual amount of drug solution can be less than 0.1ml. 3.Humanized ID design Easy to operate, economic cost and stable mesh quality. This device wins TOP 1 sales volume in the last two years and very good feedback from the market.

Power Source
Nebulization Rate
Particle Size
Capacity of Medication Bottle
2AA alkaline batteries(3V) Micro USB (5V)
approximately 5μm
approximately 80 g