Magic Cubes Led Colourful Table Light For Bedroom - Small

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A cube within a cube within a cube…

Infinite arrays of translucent cubes within a bigger glass cube aglow with all the colors of the rainbow, it sure looks like something off of the film, “Inception.” Made of dichroic glass and illumined by a LED lightbulb, the Fresnel cube table lamp is designed to brighten up your space both as a breathtaking light art masterpiece and a sophisticated desk lamp. What seems to be a cube containing countless smaller cubes are in fact two glass blocks, one inside the other, endlessly reflecting each other while producing a bedazzling display of light in multiple hues. It’s a lamp in the shape of a box with out-of-the-box form and function.

A visually stunning, endless art piece.

Unique and creative Hi-tech manufacturing and construction

Aesthetically Designed Suitable for home and office use.