Lutors Ultra Smart Watch With Orange and White Strap

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Lutors Ultra Smart Watch With Orange and White Strap

  1. Locate the watch via GPS
  2. Heart rate monitoring
  3. Full touch screen
  4. Show weather condition
  5. Support more than one connection
  6. View messages Connect to calls via Bluetooth
  7. Support voice command functions
  8. Heart rate monitoring and support for sports activity functions
  9. Compatible with iOS and Android systems.

More features in a watch similar to the Apple Ultra, the eighth edition of the Apple Watch:

  • The watch comes with a 1.75-inch high-resolution color OLED screen
  • Supports multi-touch and voice control
  • Protected by a layer of tempered glass to protect against scratches and shocks.
  • The watch supports many smart features such as:
  • Control music, answer calls, send and receive text messages and notifications
  • It includes sensors to measure heart rate, blood oxygen level, number of steps taken, calories burned, sleep and other health data.
  • Users can fully customize the watch using the included Lutors app, where they can change the digital clocks, icons, colors, add functions and other customizations.
  • It can be quickly charged using the included USB cable .
  • The watch is available in several colors and strap options to suit all tastes.
  •  The watch features a powerful processor and a large internal memory of up to 32 GB, allowing the user to store many applications and files.
  • The watch has a powerful battery that lasts up to 7 days with normal use, and supports fast charging to get a full charge in just two hours.

📌Also, a watch similar to Apple provides you with:

  • A large number of backgrounds and the ability to add whatever you want as a background for the watch on your mobile phone.
  • The ability to set the time and date directly.
  • Show all social media application notifications.
  • It supports many languages, the most important of which are Arabic and English.
  • Control from the watch by raising and lowering the mobile volume.
  • Calling through a watch similar to the Apple Ultra without using a mobile phone.
  • Powerful microphone for calls.
  • Supports wireless charging.
  • Set a special password for her.