Kica Mini 2 Massage Device - Black

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  • Model: KiCA mini 2
  • black colour
  • material: aviation aluminum
  • frequency adjustment: 1700 - 3000 rpm
  • operating voltage range: 6.6 V - 8.4 V
  • charging port: USB-C
  • built-in battery: lithium
  • working time on one charge: 3.5 - 5 h (depending on the mode)
  • charging time: approx. 2 hours
  • built-in battery: 1100 mAh
  • dimensions: 116.5 x 33 x 79 mm
  • weight: 220g

FeiyuTech KiCA mini 2 is one of the smallest massage guns available on the market. The small device weighing only 220 g can achieve an impressive maximum power of 3000 revolutions per minute. You can easily take them wherever your body needs relaxation and regeneration. 4 operating modes will allow you to adjust the intensity of the massage to individual needs. The set also includes 3 silicone overlays that extend the functionality of the device. With the KiCA mini 2 model, you will improve tissue blood circulation, fight cellulite, accelerate muscle regeneration and ensure a moment of pleasant relaxation after a hard day's work.

FeiyuTech KiCA mini 2 vibration massager - black

Main features of the product

  • versatile massage gun weighing only 220 g
  • made of high quality aviation aluminum
  • ergonomic design for comfortable one-handed operation
  • 4 operating modes offering different massage intensity
  • massage frequency from 1700 to 3000 revolutions per minute
  • built-in flat head
  • 3 interchangeable silicone pads for different types of massage (spherical, conical and U-shaped)
  • precise movements of the head extending in the range of 6 mm
  • quick selection of operating mode with 1 button
  • start / pause button that allows you to conveniently interrupt the massage
  • automatic shutdown to protect against too long massage of the same parts of the body
  • up to 5 hours of work on a single charge
  • quiet and discreet operation
  • modern design

3 interchangeable massage heads

The FeiyuTech KiCA mini 2 vibrating massager is a multi-purpose device designed for various types of massage. The built-in metal head will allow you to effectively massage smaller muscle groups, such as back muscles or shoulder blades. It will also be your ally in the fight against cellulite. The set includes 3 silicone caps that significantly expand the possibilities of this unique massage gun.

  • Ball pad - massage of large muscle groups, such as thighs, calves, back, hips or arms, fascia therapy, as well as a great way to relax soft tissues and sensitive parts of the body.
  • Cone overlay - acupressure, precise reaching of deep tissues and joints, massage of large muscle groups, relief in discomfort associated with neck stiffness or headaches.
  • U-shaped pad - allows you to reach sensitive parts of the body, works great when massaging the back extensors or the Achilles tendon.

FeiyuTech KiCA mini 2 vibration massager - black

Pocket masseur

Thanks to its compact dimensions and only 220 g of weight, the FeiyuTech KiCA mini 2 vibrating massager will easily fit in your training bag, backpack, and even in your pocket! Thanks to the unique design of the motors, the device works quietly and discreetly. Pleasant purring will bring relaxation during each massage. Daily treatments will be even more pleasant and relaxing!

Home physiotherapist

Replaceable pads will allow you to use the FeiyuTech KiCA mini 2 vibration massager during rehabilitation and home physiotherapy treatments. It will be an excellent support during the regeneration of strained muscles. Regular work with the device:

  • has a relaxing and analgesic effect,
  • improves blood circulation,
  • stimulates the production of collagen,
  • accelerates the absorption of hematomas and bruises,
  • relieves myofascial pain.

FeiyuTech KiCA mini 2 vibration massager - black

4 operating modes

FeiyuTech KiCA mini 2 vibration massager allows you to conveniently switch between 4 operating modes with one button. Adjusting the pressure force will allow you to adjust the device to your needs.

  • Level 1 - muscle stimulation (1700 rpm).
  • Level 2 - muscle relaxation (2400 rpm).
  • Level 3 - deep massage (3000 revolutions per minute).
  • Level 4 - physiotherapeutic mode, where the speed of rotation changes automatically in the range of 1700 to 3000 rpm.

Recovery after training

The FeiyuTech KiCA mini 2 vibration massager is also a great choice for athletes and enthusiasts of active recreation. Take care of your body and don't let yourself get injured! With the KiCA massage gun, your muscles will start to work even better. The advantages of using the device include:

  • greater training efficiency,
  • faster post-workout regeneration,
  • less injuries and injuries,
  • muscle stimulation,
  • greater flexibility of joint structures (joint mobility),
  • more effective processes of absorption of metabolic products.

Up to 5 hours of work on a single charge

The great advantage of the KiCA mini 2 vibration massager is the possibility of wireless operation. You don't have to worry about the power source and tangled cables. Depending on the operating mode you choose, the built-in battery will provide up to 5 hours of operation. The USB-C cable included in the set will allow you to charge the massager within 2 hours when you connect it to the power adapter, power bank or computer.

FeiyuTech KiCA mini 2 vibration massager - black

Relax and unwind

Do you often work at the computer? Do you lead a sedentary lifestyle? Or maybe you spend long hours behind the wheel? The KiCA mini 2 vibration massager will help you deal with the pain and discomfort that often accompanies muscle, tissue and joint fatigue. Regular massages will help:

  • restore energy to life and work,
  • improve everyday mood and mental condition,
  • reduce pain in the cervical and lumbar regions,
  • stimulate the nervous system,
  • relax the musculoskeletal system.

Cellulite buster

With the KiCA mini 2 massager, your figure will look even better! Massages will help improve the appearance of the skin and improve its firmness. Regular treatments support the fight against cellulite, reduce the visibility of the "orange peel", and prevent its formation.

Make a gift for your loved ones!

Give your loved ones health and a better quality of life. Show them that you care about their well-being! FeiyuTech KiCA mini 2 is the perfect idea for a gift that can be useful to everyone - regardless of age, gender, level of daily physical activity and the nature of the work performed. Bet on a massage gun that will stay with your loved ones for years, providing blissful relaxation and physiotherapeutic support.

Kit Contents

  • FeiyuTech KiCA mini 2 vibration massager - black
  • silicone spherical cap
  • silicone conical cap
  • U-shaped silicone cover
  • USB-A (male) - USB-C (male) cable