JAKEMY 21 in 1 S-2 Bits Screwdirver JM-8195 - Black

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1. Easy to change the bit quickly and improve the working efficiency
2. Silent bearing on top, 360-degree rotation, a step up in operating experience
3. Bits are hidden in the handle, lightly press to easily remove
4. Dual head design, covers all your life needs
5. The product is initially developed with the interactive experience of the product and the person in mind, enhancing the pursuit of quality of life
6. The accessories can be matched freely, which can easily cope with home decoration and home scenarios
7. It makes you feel smoother when you use it, which makes it more suitable for fingers when holding
8. This strengthens the adsorption capacity of the screwdriver bit head, and easily sucks up various screws
9. The surface is treated with phosphating and rust prevention, high hardness, strong and durable
10. 20 in 1, rich configuration, every accessory can help you at the right time