Green Lion Smart Pencil Pro - Black

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SKU: 6935100173474

The Smart Pencil is an ingeniously designed tool, specifically tailored for iPads. Offering an outstanding 12-hour working time, this tool ensures uninterrupted creation and productivity. Its magnetic charger ensures easy power replenishment, further enhancing convenience and usage efficiency. The Smart Pencil's unique features set it apart, making it more than just a stylus. With palm rejection, you can rest your hand naturally on the iPad screen without creating unwanted lines or marks, enabling you to work in the most comfortable way. Its tilt pressure capability enhances your drawing and writing precision, responding to subtle changes in pressure and angle for more natural and intuitive strokes. The Smart Pencil is not just an accessory; it's an essential tool that transforms your iPad into a powerful creative canvas, empowering you to achieve more, create more, and imagine more.


  • Colors: White / Black
  • Working Time: 12 Hours
  • Charger Type: Magnetic
  • EAN: 6935100173474 - 6935100173481


  • Palm Rejection & Tilt Pressure
  • Designed For iPad Mini/Air/Pro
  • Premium Material 
  • Magnetic Charger