Green Lion Car FM Transmitter Kit 30W - Black

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Green Lion Car FM Transmitter Kit 30W

Product features:

  • TF Card Capacity64GB
  • USB Max Capacity64GB
  • Maximum Power30W
  • Bluetooth Version5.3

More about this item:

  • Dubble USB Port
  • Google Assistant
  • Universal Design
  • Siri Activation
  • TF Card Port
  • Support Turning On/Off The LED Light

The Green Lion car FM transmitter kit is a versatile, advanced device that enhances your driving experience. It comes with support for turning on/off the LED light, allowing you to adjust the illumination according to your preference and create a pleasant atmosphere in your car. The kit is equipped with a TF card slot that can accommodate up to 64GB, enabling you to store and play your favorite music directly from the device. It supports popular music formats like MP3, WAV, and WMA, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of audio files.

Featuring dual USB ports, the FM transmitter allows you to charge multiple devices simultaneously while enjoying your music conveniently. With Bluetooth 5.3 technology, you can effortlessly connect your smartphone or other Bluetooth-enabled devices for seamless wireless audio streaming. The device also includes Google Assistant and Siri activation, providing hands-free control and voice commands.

Its universal design allows the Green Lion car FM transmitter kit to be easily installed in any car model. It delivers high-quality sound and clear transmission with a maximum power output of 30W. Whether you prefer listening to radio stations, playing music from your TF card, or streaming audio wirelessly, this FM transmitter kit offers a seamless and enjoyable audio experience during your journeys.