Emkay Electric Mosquito - Insect Killer MT-5002 MK130 30W - White

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1. Introduction It being adopted the admitted securuty voltage-rising
technique being used the special fluorescent lamp to attract pests and flies, it can kill them automatically when they got in. This lamp of outelr cover adopts the alominium alloy material it has flat network and song network to make up the high-pressure network Outside.itjoin a layer of network to separate to play safe protection function. The electric wire netting adopts the static to plate the nickel material, it can be waterprof and anticorrsive. The style of lanterns is novel, power consumptive islow. There is the characteristic of no smell, without radiation and harmless to humans body. It's the most ideal high-efficient lamp for household room,canteens, hotels and hospitals,etc..

2. Technical factors:
Input voltage: 220±10% The fluorescent lamp:2x15W Insulating resistance:>200Μ Ω

3. The lamp's usage and precautions
1) The socket must connect the wire correctly
2) The instructions appliances for indoor use only shall state that they are not
suitable for use bams,stables and similar locations
3) The appliance is to be kept out of reach of children.
4) The appliance is not to be used in locations where flammable vapour or explosive dust is likely to exist.
5) Insert the power while using.open the switch, and the fluorescent lamp gives out light, there is high prsessure on the electric wire netting. 6) While shocking the pests and flies by electricity "PiPa" belong to normal
phenomenon, when you want to clear up the pests or flies corpses and change the
LED lamp,short out to discharge between two electric wire netting with
insulating Rose's knife of metal. In this way,it can clear up the pests or flies and
dust, change the fluorescent lamp. 7) There is high pressure inside, it must turn off the power before turning on the lamp,discharge with a insulating Rose's knife of metal.
8) If the cable is damage, in order to avoid the danger, it must change by the full-time staff of the factory or its maintenance.
9) There is high pressure inside the layman should not open the electric wire netting

  • Do not touch the electric net with your hands or other electric conductor.
  • The insect Killer should be at the place where is at least one meter away from the flammable substance such as gasoline and petroleum.
  • Please clean the base if there are many insects killed.
  • Please draw the plug out before you change the tubes.
  • Please turn off it when you go out.
  • The electronic appliance could be damaged or in short-circuited under moisture circumstancds.