DLC Portable Travel Bidet Sprayer - Black

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  • The travel shattaf works by charging with an 800 mah battery 
  • It comes with a capacity of 2.3 liters 
  • Small and lightweight 

How to use : 

  • 1. Fill the tank with fresh water, immerse the hose with filter head into the water through the water tank hole;
  • 2. Slide the protective cap down, place the spray nozzle directly on the cleaning part. Press the button once for a gentle flow and twice for a powerful flow, then press the dedicated button to turn it off


  • Versatile for outdoor, camping, travel and personal grooming. (Portable and convenient to use);
  • It has two speeds to control the flow rate. One touch operation. Public Toilet, One Click: Gentle Flush, Customized Travel Care Double Click: Powerful. Compact rechargeable toilet.
  • Multiple uses: The elderly, hospital patients, and pregnant women can use the product without having to bend over. Drivers, office workers and other sedentary people go to use the toilet