DLC Solar and Rechargeable Outdoor Camping Light DLC-32812 - Green

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DLC Solar and Rechargeable Outdoor Camping Light DLC-32812


  • 18650 large capacity, it can be used as a charging bank USB output
  • High brightness high brightness LED optical reflector cups
  • Four-speed adjustment Steady on: white, yellow, or full flash: red and blue alert, long press can stepless dimming
  • Charging solar energy is constant electricity throughout the year
  • Super strong magnet enjoy as you wish.
  • When not in use for a long time, please try to charge the lamp once a month.
  • 0.5w LEDsuper bright light beads, more bright, but light conversion can also be used for charging.
  • It has its own USB mobile phone charging interface, which can be used as a mobile phone emergency charging. USB charging interface, the green light flashes normally, until the green light is on, indicating that it is full.
  • Adjust the switch, the first white light, the second speed: warm light; third gear; neutral light; Fourth gear emergency light all light off.


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