Coffee Travel Set V60 - 3

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  • ‏Package color: Black
  • Package Size: 34.5*30*15.5cm
  • Material: Stainless steel, Glass, Wood, Plastic
  • Package include: * Kettle 600ml * Dripper 02 * Server 02 * Scale * Grinder           * Paper Filter 02 * Coffee Mug 250ml * Coffee Spoon


【All in One】 Everything you need to make the perfect cup of coffee at home, camping or during vacation

【Glass Mug & Glass Dripper】 Elegant double walled clear glass mug and glass dripper with spiral design for fast and even flow.

【Goose Neck Kettle】 Long last goose neck kettle for controlled pours

【Coffee Enthusiast Dream】Complete Set for beginner to advance coffee enthusiast

【Safe】High quality glass can withstand temperature up to 100 degree Celsius.

★ Item:
Travel Coffee Gift Set with Travel Case, Manual Grinder, 250ml (8.5oz) Double Glass Wall Mug, Glass Dripper, 600ml (20oz) Server, 600ml (20oz) Coffee Kettle, Digital Scale, 100 pcs Paper Filter and Coffee Spoon. This set is everything a coffee enthusiast need while traveling, camping, vacation, or just to share some specialty coffee with friends and family. This set is perfect for any coffee enthusiast and will be a perfect gift for your coffee enthusiast friend and family.

Hand wash only.
DO NOT add boiling hot water into the glass cup when it has been filled with ice water or vice versa as this may cause cracking or shattering of the glass cup. Temper the cup before added extreme opposite temperatures.

★ Item Specification:
Size: 41*42*24cm
Weight: 3.35 kg

★ Package Include:
1 × Travel Bag
1 × Manual Grinder
1 × Glass Dripper
1 × 250ml (8.5) Double Glass Wall Mug
1 × 600ml (20oz) Glass Server
1 × 600ml (20oz) Coffee Kettle
1 × Digital Scale
1 × 100 pcs Paper Filter
1 × Coffee Spoon

Manual Coffee Bean Grinder

600ml Gooseneck Coffee Kettle

with Scale inside