Coclean Portable Vacuum Cleaner C2 - Grey

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COCLEAN Portable Vacuum Cleaner C2 Strong Suction Wireless Handheld Suction & Blow Double Use for Home Car Vacuum Cleaner


  • [Blower Vacuum Cleaner]When the vacuum cleaner is working, due to the rotation of the motor, the air is circulated, that is, the air is sucked in at the front and the air is discharged at the rear, and the air is continuously pressed out and inhaled, forming continuous work, and it can be used as a blower in outdoor activities.
  • [With LED Light]The vacuum cleaner is equipped with a through-type LED light. When working in a dark place, the LED light will automatically turn on the lighting function.
  • [110,000 Brushless Motor]Powerful high-speed brushless motor, the maximum suction force of the vacuum cleaner can reach 12,000Pa, the speed is 110,000rpm.
  • [4-level Filtration System]The vacuum cleaner is equipped with an extremely fast start-stop function. When the vacuuming is stopped, the inhaled dust will be enclosed in the dust shield to prevent dust from being left on the suction port.
  • [IntelliSense Adjusts Suction]The vacuum cleaner adopts the technology of "intelligent sensing adjustment of suction power", has "aerodynamic control chip" inside, which can automatically adjust the suction power according to the complexity of the required cleaning environment.