Apexel Digital Night Vision Binocular APL-NV009 - Black

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  • Brand: Apexel
  • wide effective focal length: 50mm
  • Aperture: F2.2
  • Coating: FMC
  • field of view: 7°
  • viewing distance (daytime): 1m~
  • Power Supply: 5V2A Lithium/Type-c Battery
  • Battery Capacity: 3000mAh
  • Storage Type: TF Card
  • Gromnification: 5x Optical, 3x Digital (5 Steps)
  • Zooming: 15x
  • infrared light: 2w 850nm
  • display resolution: 854x480 (3")
  • dimensions: 143 x 118 x 60mm
  • Weight: 350g
  • Data Output: USB Type-C Cable

Introducing the Apexel NV009 New Owl Creative Design Night Vision Binoculars, It is small yet powerful, and the compact body is provided with a high-definition screen so that your observation will not miss every detail, the perfect companion for all your outdoor activities including bird watching, hunting, night fishing, and camping.

With a unique and innovative owl-shaped design, this night vision binoculars is unlike anything on the market and comes with a patent that sets it apart from the rest.

Equipped with both daytime and nighttime capabilities, it functions as a high-quality telescope during the day and a powerful night vision device at night.

APEXEL NV009 New Owl Creative Design Night Vision Goggles Outdoors at Night

Apexel NV009 New Owl Creative Design 4K HD Digital Night Vision Goggles Feature

【Unique Owl-shaped Design】Apexel's patented owl-shaped design changed the world of night vision devices. Its compact size and lightweight design make it easy to carry on outdoor adventures like camping, hunting, and bird watching. NV009 HD Digital Night Vision provides clear and sharp night vision, making it perfect for observing wildlife under the stars.

Day & Night Dual Use】NV009 night vision binoculars have an adjustable 2W 850nm infrared illuminator and full optical system. With 3 modes and 4K HD quality: Photo, Record Video, and Playback.It can be used as a telescope during the day, and the color picture is real and delicate. It can be used as a night vision device at night, and the black and white picture is clear in infrared mode.

One machine with two uses, choose NV009 and you will have night vision goggle binoculars at the same time.

3 inch LCD HD display】The Apexel NV009 night vision device adopts a 3-inch large-screen external display design. Compared with the built-in screen display, the field of view is wider, and the wearer can observe comfortably and freely. At the same time, the volume and weight of the device are reduced and the use is lighter.

Rechargeable long-life lithium battery】Built-in 3000mAh Li-ion rechargeable battery. Infrared high-tech night vision binoculars with 850nm infrared illuminators allow you to observe animals for hours in total darkness. They don't require any AA batteries. Save money and the environment.

 【Special Design】Apexel NV009 Night Vision Goggles is committed to solving problems for users. 5 levels of screen brightness adjustment, suitable for various environments, to avoid excessive fatigue and damage to the eyes when observing in a dark environment. 2W 850nm 5-speed adjustable concealed infrared light, choose different intensity infrared fill light according to different environments.

A young hunter is using the Apexel NV009 night vision telescope to observe outdoors

NV009 Digital Night Vision Goggles Specifications

 Product Number APL-NV009 Power Supply Type-C 5V2A


Effective Focal Length

50MM Battery Capacity 3000mha lithium battery


Type of Coating

FMC Closest Focusing Distance 1M


Visible In Full Darkness

YES,400M Visible Luminance 2W Infrared LED,5 gears adjustable


IR Illumination

850 nm Displayer Resolution of Screen 854×480(3")



5x optical magnification, 3x digital magnification Video/Photo Size 4K video 2MP photos

 Screen Brightness Adjustment

5 levels of brightness adjustment Anti-shake YES


143*118*56 Weights (without battery) 350G


Scroll wheel design, manual focus Packing List NV Binocular *1,Type-C *1 USB Cable *1, lanyard *1, Manual *1

Apexel NV009 New Owl Creative Design Night Vision Goggles

Owl Bionic Design Night Vision Binoculars

Owl Bionic Design Creative shape, vivid and exquisite

Apexel NV009 night vision binoculars incorporates the shape of an owl as a creative design, which is both beautiful and practical. Perfect for exploring in the dark. The body is ergonomically designed.

Small and lightweight Apexel night vision goggle

Upgraded version, smaller and lighter

External screen display for more comfortable viewing

Compared with the built-in screen display, the external screen display has a wider field of view and is more comfortable to watch, even for those who wear glasses. And the volume weight of the equipment is reduced, making it lighter to use.

Dual Use of Day And Night Night Vision Binoculars

Dual Use of Day And Night

HD color screen in day, black white screen in night

Display real and delicate color images during the day, and the images are black and white and clear in infrared mode at night. One device is dual-purpose, it is a night vision binoculars at night, and it is comparable to a telescope during the day.

NV009 New Owl Creative Design 4K HD Digital Night Vision Goggles

4K video, 2MP photo

Photos & videos, HD image quality

Support 2-12MP photos, 4K high-definition video, display more vivid details. Realize photo, video, playback, record every wonderful moment.

Night Vision Binoculars 5X Optical Zoom / 3X Digital Zoom Optic Focus

5X Optical Zoom / 3X Digital Zoom

Clear zoom without loss of details

5 levels of magnification adjustment, the highest magnification is 15 times, and the target can be observed at close range in day and night. 50mm telephoto lens, see farther and see more clearly.

NV009 New Owl Creative Design 4K HD Digital Night Vision Goggles