AL SHABAH Smart Choice Flying Insects Killer 3600 - White

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Features :

  • Kills all flying insects.
  • High tech and protection.
  • easy to use.
  • Equipped with a drawer to collect killed insects.
  • Equipped with two external electrostatic coated protection grilles.
  • Easy to change the lamp during maintenance.
  • Equipped with a plastic protection net at the bottom to prevent touching the inner wires, easy to remove and install.
  • Electric Flying Insect Killer Produced by Jordan.
  • 3800 volts.
  • Wide coverage up to 20 square meters.

Important Notes :

  • For internal use only.
  •  Never touch the internal wires.
  • It must be hung at a height of not less than 1.80 meters.
  • Never play with children.
  • The internal wiring has a high voltage.
  • Do not hang it near water or flammable sources.
  • Do not wash it with water.
  • The appliance must be unplugged when changing the lamp.
  • If the device gets wet, please disconnect the power directly from the device and do not tamper with it and return to the service center.